Ran across this little vid on the Independent’s site about how Spain is taking a harder stance on immigration.

Socialist Spain Takes “Right Wing” Stance on Immigration

Nothing really new or strange here. Europe in general is moving right, as is most of the “rich” world. Especially when the economy has troubles, its normal to see immigration rules tightened.

What I thought was interesting about this was the first interviewee’s comment about the policeman who took him in one night. He says the cop told him that they had a quota for the number of people they all had to pick up for being “sin papeles.”  Man. What assholes. Ok, not the cop, he’s just doing what he’s been told to do, but the whole system that would set up quotas like that is sick.

Also makes me realize once again how unfairly lucky I am to be a white American chick, unlikely to be stopped on the street and asked for my papers (though it did happen once, and I almost vomited with panic).

Also cool in the vid – they do an interview with someone from CEAR – the Spanish NGO that helps refugees with whom I did a training program and was going to volunteer for before my papers went to crap and I ended up in the hospital with gall stones. Boo. One more thing I wish I’d done in Spain.