2009 was not the best of years.

There were good times, on a personal, and societal level, but I, and I don’t think I’m the only one, am glad to see it go. Between papers failures, health problems, and the difficult decision to plan my departure from Spain, it was kind of a grind, from start to finish.

I tried, unseccuessfully, to start blogging again after the summer, but, to no avail. I had lost motivation. I didn’t care. My own blog made me feel guilty, it felt like a chore. So, now I am going to try to take advantage of the momentum of New Year’s Resolution season, to start afresh. (Taking bets as to how long it will last – hahahaa – how many times have I done this before?)

I have roughly 2 months until I leave Spain. Then I go off to start a new life, with old dear friends, in Washington DC. A city I know nothing about. In the run up until then, let’s see if I can’t get my blogger juices flowing again.