So, I’m doing a ridiculous translating job for which I am severely underqualified, but am enjoying greatly. Every once in a while my Italian ex-boyfriend’s mom sends article to me via him that need proofreading in English. They’re scientific articles. And sometimes the translation is so odd I need to be able to look at the original.

Now, I don’t actually “speak” Italian. But my Spanish is great, my French is…in there somewhere… and I’ve picked up a bit of Italian here and there. In the past, I’ve had fun with these articles. They’re like brain teasers. Usually I can figure out how to clean things up but sometimes I get sent on a wild google chase to figure out what something means in Italian and what it is in English.

This time its insane! A 6000 word document on an ovarian syndrome. OMG! I spent 30 minutes – and an international chat to an italian –  just trying to figure out what a phrase was, only to find it meant those little plastic tubes that go up your nose for oxygen in the hospital  – nasal cannala, if you care (which you probably don’t). And there’s a blood transfusion term that is driving me completely bonkers!!

And yet, I’m happy. I’m sitting here with my opera on, trying out different ones to see which one I want to see at the Teatro Real. I started out with Rossini, you know, to put my mind in an Italian mode (maybe something will sink in by osmosis) but have moved on to Wagner (Inteeeeense!!). And it’s 12:30 and I’m totally not tired, or feeling burnt out (ok, I needed a little break which is why I’m writing this). I find it invigorating somehow.

Every time I do some translating work I think “maybe this is what I should try to do, like professionally”. I can’t explain it. There is something just so simply, well, fun about it for me. I feel like I’m really really exercising my brain, like this is just some great game or puzzle, and is so satisfying when you find the right piece! It’s just a very intense and focused kind of intellectual challenge, I guess exactly the kind I havent had very much of here in Spain, and the kind I hope to find by going back to school.

Anywho, just wanted to write about an activity that always surprises me with how much it makes me appreciate my brain. Thanks brain, you’re fun!