My current plan (I use it in the loosest way possible) is to go back to the States and probably do a masters somewhere. I,being overconfident about the process and a tad prone to procrastinate, have only just started putting apps together. With predictable results.

The first headache is going to be the letters of recommendation, it seems. Before I left Berkeley, I used the university’s Letter Service, whereby you can ask for letters of recommendation while professors still know who you are, then put them on file for later use. I just checked out the Letter Service website today for, oh, probably the first time since I last filed a letter, and found out that they hold the letters for up to 5 years. I graduated in 2002. D’oh!

Sigh. Berkeley’s a huge school. I almost never talked to my professors, and even the ones I did have actual face to face interaction with probably won’t remember me almost 8 years down the line. My head hurts. This is an annoying end to a nasty sort of day. Now this is just going to be rolling around in my little cabeza and keeping me from my sleep. Grrrrrr.