So, I’ve been under the weather fighting a nasty cold since Sunday but was feeling significantly better today. The sniffliness had turned into the wheeziness. Everything was progressing fine. So I went to teach my afternoon class in the middle of nowhere (ie. Rico-ville) with a darling 11-year-old girl who I tutor in math, while trying to keep her well-meaning but interfering little sister at bay. It’s fun. They’re cute.

But today, something went terribly wrong.

After about 30 minutes I started to get this dizzy feeling, then I started to feel warm, like I was breaking out in a sweat. I excused myself to go to the toilet. I burped. That was all. I returned to long division.

My student told me “You look really white.”  “No, no, don’t worry, I’m feeling better,” I lied. We continued on to rounding numbers. We had just determined how to round 312.895 to the tens place when she looked at me again “You look a little green,” she said, and to illustrate pointed to my avocado green hair clips with a little giggle. I couldn’t keep it up. I told her to go tell her mother I wouldn’t be able to finish class and I proceeded to wretch, embarrassingly loudly, my beautiful sundried tomato and goat’s cheese pasta lunch into their beautiful, immaculate and expensive toilet, in their beautiful immaculate and expensive bathroom.

Ah well. It got me a lift all the way to the metro station. So, bonus!

Not sure what happened, I am currently considering  two culprits: 1) my uberstrong cough medicine that makes me high as a kite or 2) the cheese sauce in my lunch. Cheese is always a suspect.

Either way, it was a pretty embarrassing situation. It’s difficult to maintain dignity while puking in your employer’s house. And what might they think? That I was hungover? Knocked up? Sigh.

Off to vegetate on the sofa.

UPDATE – It was my flatmate’s milk, of which i used a miniscule amount in my pasta sauce, which was the culprit. We discovered it to be well sour the next day. Boo 😦