Alrighty, to finish up the Rant, here’s the video I ran across a few days ago when I started this rant. It’s a documentary called Addicted to Plastic. I was especially interested to see it because the filmmakers actually go through the Pacific Garbage Patch. It’s a pretty good general overview of the plastic situation; history, problems, and people currently looking for solutions either by creatively reusing and reworking plastic products, or by creating new and eco-friendly materials to replace our current plastics.

Here’s the trailer:

It would have been nice to see the filmmakers press the people who make plastics a bit more – like the plastics industry rep they feature throughout the film – but on the whole, I think they were trying to be positive and spend more time on the people trying to find solutions.

And the solutions out there are truly amazing. What is sad is that there are so many really ingenious people coming up with creative, intelligent solutions and I’m sure they could use more government financing to get their projects going, but they seem to have to be doing it all on their own. It’s a shame, we should be supporting this innovation more.

Elsewhere on the subjects of the production process, disposability and waste, here’s two good vids I’ve posted before but it can’t hurt to do it again:

The Story of Stuff – amazing concise explanation of the problems with how we make things, socially, economically, ecologically and ethically.

And Waste = Food, about the phenomenal work of a chemist and an architect working together to create “cradle-to-cradle” systems of production which create no waste at all.