OK – so this Rant of The Week started last week, but I got side-tracked with Halloween this weekend and haven’t had blogging time.

So, in Rant part 1 about plastic I linked to an article, which at some point mentions the chemical bisphenol A. Shortly after reading that article, as I was browsing through the archives of Bill Moyers’ show, Journal, like a good PBS junkie, I came across this episode, produced in conjunction with Expose, on the chemicals in our food, and specifically bisphenol A.

What’s really interesting about this is not so much the scientific research showing that bisphenol A can be harmful in many lab animals (which is attention-grabbing enough to get me to stop buying plastic water bottles forever) but the institutional failures of the government administrations charged with protecting the consumer and regulating what can and cannot be used to produce and package food.

Also a great look at some crack investigative journalism by the team at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal. It shows why we still need newspapers with investigative teams, “new media” are not going to fill the need to have people working full time on long term projects.