Here’s a buttload of links of things I’ve been perusing this week, and haven’t bee able to actually post about.

First US Official Resigns Over Afghanistan – “Not worth the effort.”

Stephen Fry’s Twitter Spat is News?!? The world is a sad place.

Parliament to Host first Gay Wedding! Yay!

US Terrorizing Aid to Somalia – aaaah the War on Terror

Thank Bolivia for you Lithium Batteries -let’s hope they can manage the industry wisely

Random nature links on Seahorse Sex and Humpback Whale Fights (I attribute these links to a recent bout of insomnia. That’s when I gravitate towards nature videos.)

Children Who Get Life in Prison Without Parole – the sad sad state of the US correctional system.

Camorra Boss Arrested in Naples – for those who don’t know about the situation, read Roberto Saviano‘s Gomorra (one of the best books of 2007) and then go see the Cannes Grand Prix winning film made from the book. (trailer)

Karzai’s Opponent drops out and Robert Fisk says what I was thinking (but so so much better than I could)

The Case For Modesty in an Age of Arrogance – if Barack is so humble, shouldn’t he have refused the Nobel Prize?

One Reason You Shouldn’t Go To Afghanistan With Beard – interesting quick read