In case there’s anyone out there, here’s the nutshell explanation why nothing has appeared on this blog in aaaages.

I ended up in the hospital for gall stones. Got out of the habit of blogging what with the hospital stays, visiting mom,  preoccupations with losing work hours and lots of money, and then just decided to forget the blog for a while. I just didn’t want to think about it. It felt like this big guilt trip “I should be blogging this, I should be blogging this”. Bleh.  Had to sort out what was going to come next in life, since my papers had recently been denied, all my money was gone and I was not looking forward to teaching English (which I am doing once again).

So that’s that. Gonna try to ease back into this. Just posting whatever I come across, and talking about my plans – which are almost certainly to leave Spain in the fairly near future.

In the mean time, I want to encourage anyone who wants to to find me on facebook, where I tend to post a lot more links than I ever managed to put up here. Just include a message as to how you came to find me (ie- via the blog) so i know what list to add you to!