A little quiz for those of you who (like me) obviously have too much time on your hands, and who for some reason need a transparent internet quiz to tell you what you probably already know.

The Center For American Progress has prepared this quiz so you can tell how progressive you are! They’re all fairly obvious questions about (mainly) US policies and general social values.

I scored 352 out of 400, “extremely progressive.” Not a surprise. Average score for Americans is 209.5.

On their little graph of different groups along a progressivity (I know that’s not really a word but I don’t care) scale, the highest group was Liberal Democrats with an average of 247.1. Wow, I guess I am extremely progressive, for my country. Just one more illustration of how I feel there’s no political group or movement that really reflects my values in my home country. Sigh.


I would be interested to see how people from other countries score on this. So if you’re a non-American and you take it, let me know your score!!