I’ve become a big fan of Seneca, and I think I will have to get my hot little hands on this new book by William Irvine: A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy.


Link to KPFA radio (ahhhh, hometown stuff) segment about the book here – (starts about 3:40 into the clip as posted). Interesting, he compares Zen Bhuddism to Stoicism. And debunks people’s ideas about what Stoicism is.

Author’s website with excerpt is here.

And for dessert, a bit from Seneca – randomly taken from On The Tranquility of The Mind:

If you concentrate on studies, you will have escaped all your loathing of life, you will not long for nightfall through weariness of daylight, you will not be irksome to yourself or useless to others; you will win the friendship of many and those who collect at your side will be of the greatest merit. For Virtue never goes undetected, however much obscured, but always indicates its presence: whoever is worthy will trace her whereabouts from her footprints.

A beautiful passage I think, what a great argument for being a total nerd no? And a virtuous nerd at that.