So I went to the Casa Encendida to start fulfilling one of my New Year’s resolutions to attend some sort of art thing (whatever it may be) once a week. Once a week may be a bit tough, but it’s a goal.

Tonight I went to see a couple of films in their Animaladas series, about the relations between man and animal. One was a 30 min film from 1975 about Armenian herdsmen. It didn’t do much for me. The second was Robert Bresson’s Au Hasard Balthazar, a film about the life and death of a donkey in a French village.

This is when i must say that I totally decided to go because it was a about a donkey. And I think donkeys are irresistibly delicious, huggable (ok I’ve never hugged one, but I think I’d like it), sweet, animals. They are number two on my list of favorite animals right after bonobo and before penguin. Eeyore was my favorite, yes. And Meditarraneo made me almost tear up, just a bit.

I googled some info about it after I got back (I like to go in without researching beforehand) and found one essay quoting Godard as calling the film “the world in an hour and a half.”

Well, you can see for yourself, cuz its all on youtube. Here’s the first part: