currenttorosUpdate: Here‘s also an interesting video produced for Current TV that I saw a while ago about the anti-bullfighting sentiment in Spain.






So, supposedly, I live in the land of bullfighting (though really that’s the south of Spain) but no, I’ve never been to a fight. I’ve thought about it. I’ve heard the “it’s culture” arguments, the “it’s art” arguments, the “it’s tradition” arguments. I even read Death In the Afternoon to try to gain some aesthetic appreciation for it. In the end, no one has convinced me that its anything more than a bloody, cruel, pointless charade that we, the human race, could all easily do without.

And now children are doing it! Yay!


Michelito, an 11-year-old Mexican boy has just set the world record for the youngest torero to kill 6 bull calves in one afternoon.

If a child tortures and kills cats or puppies and you’d send him to the shrink, fast. But if he dresses up fancy and tortures and kills bulls, we applaud his great talents. And reward him with the bulls ears. Ick.

From the Guardian (who has video here):

Banned from fighting in Spain, where the minimum age is 16, the prodigy has been seen mainly in Latin America were rules are more relaxed. Before killing six bulls this weekend in Mexico, his record had been four in the Peruvian capital, Lima. Several fights by Michelito were banned in France last summer amid protests and he has been singled out by anti-bullfighting activists because, unlike most other child matadors, he always seeks to end a fight with a kill.

Interestingly, a human rights group in Mexico sought to have the fights banned, claiming they were a violation of the rights of children, that it was endangerment, basically, to let him fight. The president of the State Commission for Human Rights, Jorge Victoria Maldonado said, after his move to ban the fight was overturned:

La postura nuestra sigue siendo la misma, las leyes son claras y prohíben el trabajo infantil y más cuando se trata de un trabajo en donde se pone en riesgo la vida como en este caso

Our position remains the same, the laws are clear and they prohibit child labor, especially as it concerns labor where a life is put at risk as in this case

They say he’s had no injuries in the ring so far, and I’d say he, and his parents are damn lucky for it. Can you imagine the backlash against these parents if there was a goring of an 11-year-old?

Quoth Michelito

Los contrarios a los toros no deberían prestar atención a las cosas que no les gustan. Nadie les obliga a mirara corridas de toros o estar informados de ellas

Those opposed to the bullfighting shouldn’t pay attention to things they don’t like. Nobody forces them to watch the corridas or to be informed about them.

Ahhhh, spoken like a true….11 year-old.