Interesting segment on Ehud Olmert, titled “The Unexpected Candidate“.


I find it interesting because it focuses a lot on interviews with his wife, Aliza, and the political differences within his family. Aliza presents such a contrast to the American “political wife” (well, “spouse” I guess, but there’s more wives than husbands in that category by far.) She’s very open about their political disagreements (she’s a left-leaning artist). Its a refreshing contrast to the sort of plastic, manufactured image political wives in the states have, where they are expected to be complete cheerleaders for their husbands – like they’re campaign employees before spouses.

Also good to show, in this time of high high tensions – that not all Israelis think the same – something important to remember. As when the US was under attack for its policies, we must keep the distinction between government and “the people” in mind.

The study of the changing of his political opinions is also insightful – it shows on a personal level how political will can change – which of course, is amodel for political change on a societal level.