Looks like my home state is having school funding problems. No news there – when I was 11 my school district (in which my mother was a teacher) went bankrupt and almost closed a month early. I was thrilled at the prospect, didn’t really understand why my mom couldn’t share my joy. In the end, they didn’t close, but looks like the situation is worse right now though, and the Governator’s got a plan:

Schwarzenegger Proposes 5 Fewer School Days

From the LA Times article:

A proposal by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to shorten the school year by five days is creating panic among educators across California, who say they barely have enough time to fit the state’s academic standards into the existing 180-day calendar.

The idea to cut funding equivalent to five school days would save $1.1 billion at a time when California faces a massive budget deficit. But state Supt. of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell called the proposal “devastating.”

Critics scream, as they always do, that we must THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!! ahhhhh!!! claiming that 5 days less school will be a blow to students. Anyone who’s ever had a cold for a week as a child knows that that really isn’t the case. It’s not the end of the world. It’s a week, dude.

More valid is the criticism that lower income parents will struggle with the extra week of child care costs.