Ugh. I haven’t been paying eough attention to immigration news recently, but when the economic crisis hit big, I remember thinking, ooohhhh, just wait for it, the hate crimes will begin any moment now. Apparently in the UK, Poles feel there has been an increase in xenophobic hate crimes directed against them since the economic slump began.

From the Independent:

The Federation of Poles in Great Britain said it was increasingly concerned by the growing number of racist incidents in which Poles were victims last year.

Spokesman Wiktor Moszczynski said there was anecdotal evidence to suggest that the downturn was fuelling a backlash against Polish economic migrants blamed for taking British jobs.

He said: “We are aware that many of these incidents occur because of growing tension in the traditional indigenous population following increasing anxiety about job losses.

“While the Polish workforce has proved to be highly flexible and some 300,000 appear to have left the country now as the economic situation deteriorates, a large number who still have jobs are staying, particularly if they have their families here as well.

“Media scare stories can fuel resentment of these people at a time like this.”

I wish they mentioned what some of these scare stories might be. Sigh. That kind of writing is irritating.

Anyways, the group mentioned above has called on the government to do various things including gathering better statistics about the populations of immigrants form recent EU member states, enforce housing standards so that immigrant populations live more integrated with native populations, and increase availability of free English lessons.