So, I was randomly surfing, letting my passions and whims guide me through the interwebs, mindlessly searching for, ya know, Alitalia hate sites, things like that – wondering if anyone else out there was, occasionally,  filled with as cold a rage towards the company as I am (you know, normal surfing motivations) and I came across a site started by someone obviously superior to me in the rage department Wow, the entire country? That’s takes more anger than I could possibly muster, how could I hate a place that created Edith Piaf, Vincent Cassel, and the total culinary mastery of butter (may not sound like much, but the Spanish are butter-retarded and it’s getting old). Anyways, as you would expect, it’s a crap site. Nothing worth reading, and quite a lot that seems to have absolutely nothing to do with giving France the old middle finger. (Actually seems like a big angry American who never got over that freedom fries phase, so I’m not even linking) But I liked their little graphic at the top of the page. Don’t know why it’s there, but it made me chuckle.