This has been sittin’ round for a while waiting to be posted:

Someone sent me this link about the “children overboard” affair in Australia, which I had never heard about. (argh – can’t find the email at the moment of who sent it soooooorry!)

Here’s some backstory from

philip_ruddockThe children overboard affair refers to claims made two days into the 2001 Australian election campaign by the then Immigration Minister, Phillip Ruddock. Ruddock claimed that asylum seekers had thrown babies overboard from a fishing boat as a way of pressuring the Australian Navy to rescue them and take all the asylum seekers to Australia.

“A number of children have been thrown overboard, again with the intention of putting us under duress” Ruddock told a media conference on October 7, 2001.[1] Australian Prime Minister John Howard said on talkback radio “I can’t comprehend how genuine refugees would throw their children overboard”. [2]

OMG! – more anti-immigrant asshats in charge of immigration!

The short answer to his statement would be “if you can’t comprehend how they could do it – it’s probably because they never did it”

And again – notice the reference to “genuine refugees” propagating the suspicion that most of these guys are fakers.

So, long story short – there was absolutely no proof that anyone was thrown overboard – photos purportedly documenting that were shown to be false, and the claims were eventually dismissed.