Torrevieja -on the coast of Alicante - which was purpose built for British retirees.

Oh, and now a look at immigration from the side of the rich folks of the world – like the British expats who form colonies all along the sunny (and so very cheap) Spanish coast who are having to make real, tough sacrifices because of the economic crisis. Says 82 year old Eugenie Smith:

“I’ve got to keep the car,” she says. “I’ve got spinal trouble so I can’t walk up the hill carrying shopping, and there are no buses. And I must keep the gardener; I can’t do it myself now, and can’t let it run wild. But I don’t think I can afford €34 (£29) for my club’s Christmas dinner this year. I’ve got a new great-grandson I want to buy presents for, but I must be much more economical now, when last year I just went out and bought things.”

No country club dinner!?!?! Economical Christmas shopping!?!?! Oh the humanity!!!

While googling around for images of the Alicante coastline built-up by Brit expats, I found this great story, which I have blogged on before:

Expat Victory For Healthcare : Basically, the Spanish government was worried that all these aging (and therefore sickly) British people were mobbing their already strained social services in the form of disproportionate health care costs being paid out of a system into which these freeloaders had not been paying their whole lives. The area government thought about changing policy to deny coverage to foreigners. But the Brits kicked up enough of a fuss that they “forced” the authorites to put up with them. They claimed they were “tricked” and “lured” into moving there because of the promise of free health care – but hey, Spain is a sovereign state, and it and any of its local governments has the right to change policy whenever they want – you move to the country, you assume that risk.

Ok, so I gave it a slightly different spin than they did. Whatevs.