Well, actually “failed asylum seeker” would be a more accurate term, but for the people who would actually give a shit about this “revelation,” Obama is already a secret Muslim/ terrorist/ socialist so the nuance, I fear, would be lost on them – they are not worried about accuracy.

So The Guardian writes about this like it’s election breaking or something, calling his final weeked before the election “marred” or “rocked” by the discovery (apparently to him as well) that he has an aunt who’s not supposed to be here. However, I really didn’t find much prominent coverage on other sites so, methinks the Gaurdian was overreacting. Here’s the story:

News about Obama’s relative is a chance for the McCain campaign to generate some last-minute negative headlines about Obama. Four years ago Zeituni Onyango, 56, who is mentioned in Obama’s personal memoir, was instructed by a court to leave the country after being denied political asylum. However, she now lives in local authority housing in Boston.

Illegal immigration is a political minefield in US politics and the story could be a vote-losing headache for Obama. Her refusal to leave the country does not make her unusual in America – there are an estimated 10 million ‘illegals’ – but the issue is a hot button one, especially with the white working-class voters courted by both Obama and John McCain.

Illegal immigrants are often accused of taking jobs and government services from US citizens and legal residents. Onyango, Obama’s half-aunt on his father’s side, has donated to his campaign, with five small gifts totalling $260. Those donations may turn out to be illegal, since Onyango is not a US citizen. His campaign said in a statement: ‘Senator Obama has no knowledge of her status, but obviously believes that any and all appropriate laws be followed.’

(UPDATE!!) – Found this tidbit on CrooksAndLiars.com where they report that the disclosure of information about Obama’s aunt’s immigration status, may have been….illegal! Yay!