That previous post brings me to another video – a mashup of clips of Senator Bernie Sanders (the only Independent in Congress) that the great blog put together of his appearence on Bill Maher’s show. (sorry can’t embed – booo WordPress)

Favorite bit, in response to the McCain robo-calls going out spreading more “obama-knows-terrorists” palaver and general hatemongering from the right like Bachman above:

The implications of that – just let me tell you what the implications are: if Obama wins, millions of people are gonna believe that there’s a terrorist in the White House. And if he loses, there are gonna be millions of people who are furious at what McCain did. So what these guys are doing now is dividing this country in a horrendous way.

The observation I’ve bolded there is exactly what occured to me when I watched the now famous footage of John McCain being booed at his own rally for claiming Obama was a “decent man” and having to correct total wack-jobs about the misrepresentations of Obama that have caught on.

John Stewart satirizes the situation, comparing McCain to a mad scientist who’s lost control of his monster, but I think the implications are serious. I mean, what are these people going to do? If you really, sincerely thoguht a subversive was running your country (not just a intellectually stunted incompetent moral retard like Bush but a real, malicious subversive), what would you be driven to?