Hat tip to commenter Chris who sent me the link. Somehow I’m not surprised that I’d be reading this news about California – my home state, where they practically invented the suburban sprawl of these big houses, surely only possible with this kind of shaky financing. California, in so many ways, is deluded into thinking it’s the land of plenty – where you can have anything – be in water in the desert or a big fat house for nothing down, and you’ll never pay a price. Will we ever learn?

Anyways…the video. This is a super scary look at what happens to the houses that are foreclosed on when people pick up and run away due to the severe nature of their financial troubles. They get “trashed out” – everything, everything , everything is taken away to the dump.

Part 1

Part 2

The saddest, most frustrating thing I find here is the wastefulness of it all. We Americans are, as a nation, disturbingly wasteful but for all of these perfectly good clothes, computers, furniture, etc… to be thrown away is sick, and all for lack of logistical planning. We are a disposable nation, and this seems to exemplify that attitude of waste. A friend of mine once told me about a story in an Italo Calvino book, Invisible Cities (another one on the wishlist), where an explorer tells of a place he has seen where everyone throws out all their possessions at the end of every day and buys new ones whether they need it or not. Then they use the trash to build walls around their country. What a perfect perfect image for the U.S.A.