So, the only good thing I can see in this economic end-times is that, what with the free-fall devaluation of the Icelandic currency, maybe I can now afford to visit there.

I’ve always wanted to go and do things like swim in that famous blue lake, but feared it was simply too expensive. I’m struggling for silver linings here yes I know, but I try to stay positive. Iceland, hang in there!

Elsewhere, I don’t know much about who this Jim Rogers is, but I found him refreshing (h/t to Dario for vid) in this interview – just nice grumpy old man pissed off about young, irresponsible whippersnappers! I’m lovin’ the rants these days.

Favorite quote:

I happen to agree with you, I thought it outrageous that anyone has to step in and bailout a bunch of 29 year olds with Maseratis. What about all the people in countries that minded their manners, saved their money, didn’t get over-extended, and now all of a sudden they’re being asked to bail out a bunch of guys on wall street who were incompetent at best and some of them crooks.

But I think Elayne Boosler’s written my favorite economic rant so far, on The Huffington Post, in response to an email solicitation for donations:

You Must Be Kidding Me: The Email Reply I Sent to Harry Reid:

You must be kidding. You let the criminals rob the treasury on the way out, and you want money from us?! The people you’ve bankrupted with your lack of oversight and now your lack of foresight? All you had to do, instead of falling for the “Weapons of Cash Destruction, hurry-up-and-pass-it lie” AGAIN, was to hold a worldwide press conference and say, “You know this plan is bad, for your banks and for our country. We will have a new president in a month. We will have a new plan in a month, and we give you our word that we will act to protect your countries’ economies as well as ours, but we must ask you to hang on for just one more month.”

Everyone knows Bush is the Boy Who Cried Wolfowitz, except you. Eight years of allowing the Ponzi Real Estate Pyramid schemes on your watch, and you couldn’t hold out four more weeks. Instead, you made a mockery of checks and balances (which will now be known as BLANK CHECKS and NO BALANCES), of oversight, of review, of our votes, and you let them empty the coffers completely this time to insure that the next president (probably a Democrat) will not have the money to implement one single plan for America, insuring the return to power of the Karl Rove Traveling Dinner Theater Players in a mere four years.

And of course there’s the SNL Weekend Update Segment, Really? which they upgrading to Oh My God! Are You Serious?!?. (link from