News is all bad, the economy is tanking…sigh. I’m all crazed with the return to the work world, it’s dark when I go to the metro in the morning, I keep getting sick, and yes, I’ve been neglecting the blog. Boo. Whatever. Here’s some links, just cuz I feel guilty. (And don’t you totally hate how a project of your own creation, not a job imposed upon you can still make you feel guilty? Sigh.)

First, a photo from Camino – to remind me of pretty places and give me a nice warm feeling to combat all the nastiness in the news. Ok, fuzzy feeling done, on to links…

Immigration Stuff – mostly from Alternet

Mexican Violence Forcing Families to Migrate

Anti-immigration Hardliner Goes Ballistic at Obama

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Creates Climate of Fear in Rhode Island

Caught in The Citizenship Backlog

Immigrant Raid Undermines San Francisco’s Sanctuary Status

Guardian Video on the Gurkha Veterans – via the Real News Network and an article. I was surprised I’d never heard of this before.

Immigration to Make Britain EU’s Most Crowded Nation – Some interesting stats on the projected growth of EU countries due to immigration. However, would be nice of them to mention that the UK is also experiencing its greatest period of emmigration right now. So, if not for immigration, their population would be decreasing, and then I’m sure they’d be complaining about the adverse effects of that. Also, as they mention the “burden” of these immigrants on social services, I must mention one more time the complaints of governments like Spain, about the burden of old Brits on their health care system. grrr..

Other things….

Has The West Reached It’s Limits? – admittedly have done no research yet into what the deal is with this guy or this organization, but I’ve been in the mood these days for a big fat rant, it’s just rant-y weather at the moment, so I enjoyed it anyways.

Ha ha! Californians Snubbing Wine Named Palin. WTF? My state is weird.

A couple tidbits that made me feel better watching the economic crisis from afar from which perspective it seems like no ones really doing anything. Its all been very surreal.

Citizens Dump Personal Junk on Wallstreet to Protest Bailout

The MSM-Ignored Protests On WallStreet