So, I’m back! Have been in Madrid since last Saturday night, and no I didn’t post until now. I’ve been recovering. Sunday I felt normal and then Mon, Tues, and Wed were basically occupied with sleeping and eating a lot of food, my body still convinced it needed enough calories to walk 25km a day.

I gave up on the blogging, obviously. I just decided to stop worrying about it and simply have the experience. If it had been convenient to blog, I would have, but in the end, it was a hassle.

The end of the trip was gorgeous (except for a day of 35km in the constant rain which was less than fun – oh Galicia) all green and celtic looking – you expected little elves to come hopping out of the woods.

Santiago however was depressing. In the small towns everyone finds each other easily. In Santiago there’s no central albergue, so people get spread out in what is a relatively large city (for the Camino) and you lose everyone, right when you want to see everyone and celebrate. Some friends met me, people who’s mobile numbers I’d gotten, so I wasn’t entirely alone, but still, it was a grey, rainy downer. I ate octopus. It was squishy.

I don’t have the best photos (I always lament my photos later but never bother to take them at the time) and I’m going to try to put up a little slide show (if anyone knows a good slide show app for online stuff like this, please share – I’m totally out of the loop in that regard).

But for now – here’s the picture of the triumphal end:

Just so everyone knows – since it was raining at the end, clothing wouldn’t dry. This was my only sweater, the choice was – wear it without washing or wear it wet. I don’t like wet clothes, so you will all have to imagine the ripe odor of pilgrim emanating from all my clothes at this point. Mmmmmm….ripe pilgrim. Watch out, I may put up a foot photo yet-he he he.