To compensate for not blogging with photos, I thought that for a while I could do a camino photo of the day for a while, just post a photo with a comment, reflecting on the experience.

Man, could I look like more of a dork? Back in the real world, I look at this and shudder. Oh well, we all looked like little pilgrim dorks together. This was on my Bday! We were at the Alto del perdon. I had just finished a brutal uphill bit, everyone rested and celebrated at the top. I felt exceptionally proud of myself, felt much better than anticipated. This was short lived, I was soon to learn that downhill is much worse than uphill. Toes being jammed into front of shoes and limping because of blisters would lead to a lovely compensation injury – knee pain. Yay! But it’s nice to see how naively happy I was at that moment. At the end of the day, on what seemed an interminable journey to the albergue (on the far side of town, up a hill, of course) I almost cried. Ahhhh Camino – are we all masochists?