Where did I leave off? A week ago? Guh. You’d think that when you’re only (only, I say) walking about 25 km a day, sometimes 30, and arriving at towns before 3pm (If you start at the standard 6am), that you’d have plenty of time for blogging. Not so.

The rest of your time is taken up with the following activities:

  • washing yourself
  • washing  your clothes, almost always by hand
  • searching for cheap food in restaurants, or buying and preparing your own cheaper food, then eating.
  • sleeping (naps are helpful, but often, again, there’s no time.)
  • caring for injuries, puncturing and disinfecting blisters, bandaging yourself,making trips to the farmacy or, in my case, the emergency room.
  • socializing while doing all these other activites (unless you’re in a big city, where some bar-hopping may be called for)
  • getting back to the albergue before it closes at 10pm.

Walk, wash, eat, sleep, wash, walk, eat, sleep, repeat ad infinitum – or ad Santiago I guess.

Really gets you back to basics. That said, I will try to use the 30 minutes I have to catch up on this blog before I have to go buy and prepare food, before sleeping – the nuns lock the doors at 10 sharp!