Distance: 30.7 km (there goes that rested feeling)

Blister count: New spiffy shoes cause three shiny new blisters – I’m up to 12! One’s so nasty the folks at the emergency room drew back in surprise! Yay!

Injury Inventory: same old same old, only, no wait! why am I all red and blotchy? Folks at the emergency room tell me “Oh, it’s an allergy to the sun.” The sun. I HAVE AN ALLERGY TO THE SUN! In Spain, in August, when I have to walk 600 more km. This is not good, folks. They give me a cream, lance my crazy blister while they’re at it and send me off.

Najera. Tough etapa. I was near collapse from the heat and muscle soreness and quite worried about my new rash (the allergy). Got to the town, found out the albergue was full, and that the only other budget option was a gymnasium floor that wouldn’t be opening until 9pm (!!!!) and I had a little “waaaaaah!” moment. I sat in the shade, and my walking buddy, Seve the IT guy, went to check out the hostel situation. The situation is what it usually is in these towns – there’s no competition, so they charge what they like. It was a splurging day – €46 for a room for the two of us. Sigh. Whatever. i could barely walk and had turned lobster color. It was worth it just for the fact that it had a bathtub, so i didn’t have to stand on my throbbing feet while i showered.

Turned out to be a good choice as the never opened th gym in the end and people had to camp out on the river banks. Those people are more hard core than I.

We met up with folkd who had left Logroño 2 days earlier, and who had opted for the leisurely pace – the pair of Neopolitans, and a big crazy German guy who’s like half-human half-ox I swear. Later we met up with an Merican (one of the few I’ve seen) also from California. And as we had nowhere to cook, we once again spent more money that we can afford and ate a fantastic menu, with good grilled meat qand too much wine and then teetered off to bed. (there’s a lot of teetering going on these days- due alternately to foot pain or wine).