Distance – 0!!!!!!

Blister Count: Holding fast at 9 total – all dried or burst.

Injury Inventory: Pain in my toes woke me at 4 in the morning – had to down an ibuprofen and wait an hour before I could get up and walk to the toilets. Ouch. Plantar Fasciitis a bit annoying, but overshadowed by muscle pain. Oh, and I got some sort of heat rash coming into Logroño, where the sun hit me and where I wear the knee brace.

REST!! Sort of. I went to the shoe store and got some trainers, sadly didn’t make it to the post office in time to send home my boots, and boiught some munchies. Had a kebab at the mall for lunch. Ick.

I ran into the boisterous IT guy from Barcelona, who was also taking it easy and we arranged to meet up for lunch. I got a €20 room at a hostel, washed clothes, watched some of the Olympics, soaked my feet in salt water, and rested for about 40 minutes. Oh well.

It helped immensely, espcially with the muscle pain.

I was also glad to see a bit more of Logroño. It wins major points in my bookk for a series of banners strung up in public places bearing all manner of inspiring words of wisdom. Its odd, but I really liked it, it gets people thinking as they walk past.

From the wall that seemed dedicated to love: (pardon wierd translations, especially when the original was in English – I’m translating it back)

“Love has no cure, but its the only thing that cures everything” (Leonard Cohen)

“If you loved more, you’d talk less”

“Soft is stronger than hard, water is stronger than rock, love is stronger than hate.” (Herman Hesse)

The motivational wall:

“If you change, everything changes” (Marcel Proust)

“If you think you can do it, you will” (Virgil – which Salvador pointed out to me the night before)

“Remember that you are as good as the best you’ve ever done in your life” (Billy Wilder)

And there were various others…too many to post here. Maybe I’ll pop one up every once in a while, I wrote down all the ones I really liked.

That’s it for Logroño!