I have 7 minutes before my money runs out – this part of the world is not adapted to internet yet – and they gouge you in these little towns where there’s no competition.

Just a note to say I’m alive – though limping, and it a bad way with the feet. Lots of ice and salt water soacking going on to deal with the fasciitis and the blisters. Tomorrow is a huuuuuge day to Logroño, captial of the wine region. I’m hoping to take a day of rest there (if I make it, it’s 29 kilometers)

In good news, I’m meeting tons of great friendly people. After Spaniards, the most well.represented folks are by far the Italians – there’s tons of them!!! And having an Italian boyfirend at home has given me an in in conversation – I have quite a few new Italian friends now. After that there’s the French, the Germans, and occasionally someone from somewhere weird, like California. I saw today that there’s two girls from Japan. This is an amazing place to practice languages. If I’m careful, I could go a long way to getting back some french and to learning a good bit of Italian.

And among all these friendly people there is a beuatiful balance of camraderie – sharing food, water, bandaids, etc… – but a respect for the fact that every person’s camino is there own. There is a recognition that a lot of us are here for alone time. Its a lovely fluid freindship, demanding nothing, offering quite a lot. One person I only met yesterday found me limping a long on the road, and stayed with me to keep me in good spirits and it probably meant he arrived an hour and a half later than he would have otherwise. I totally owe him a beer.

I’m going to try tomorrow to put up entries for the last three days – hopefully in Logroño, the internet access will be better, and cheaper (I’m paying a euro for 20  minutes!! WTF!!?!).

[Note – this was supposed to go up day before yesterday – but right as I went to pblish, my time ran out!! grrrrrrr!!!]