As I said, I couldn’t sleep so I just started walking about 5:30 this morning.

Had more fun today somehow. Was alone almost the whole way (everyone was passing me this morning – kind of embarrassing – haven’t been to the gyem in ages).

Anyways. I plugged in, enjoyed the cool dark morning, while listening to the first books of the Iliad on the iPod (I get all this stuff from LibriVox btw free, public domain audiobooks read by volunteers). Later I picked up the pace with some Paul Simon, Graceland, to keep me upbeat.

Pain started after about an hour. Decided to try to take advantage of being in a big city to get new insoles, and a walking stick. They say it actually does help take some of the weight of your feet, and, after having a lend of someone’s yesterday to see how I’d like it, I find it helpful for going down hill, keeping balance and all.

Anyways, uneventful walk through a lot of pasureland and some small medieval towns (one had a sign reading Founded 1184  – as a Californian, I must say I still do a double take – this Camino will be an interesting lessons in wrapping my head around time).

Managed to get a bed in Pamplona!!! Yay!!! Got a space at teh official hostal – and only costs €5! Not bad. As I sat outside and waited for it to open (we got in around 10:30 I think) I iced my sad sad left foot, and managed to drop and break my water bottle. Sigh.

Had a shower then ran errands:

  • Pharmacy – to get directions to Orthopedic Pharmacy. They were very helpful and I had a nice trek, getting there just before it closed for the afternoon. Got the insoles.
  • Post office – immediately sent home items I have now deemed unnecessary: some toiletries (I will use shampoo for all cleaning related activities), books (that’s a post in itself), one of my 4 pairs of pants/shorts, a light cotten dress.
  • Food – until about 2pm today (after the errands), I had only had an apple and a little breakfast cake since 5 am. Staaaaaaarving! Though I have noticed I’m not as hungry as I usually am. It starts later and is more a drive to feed on something than hunger in the usual sense. I got some cheese, bread, salami and put it with my tomato and had a picnic lunch in the shade of the side of the Cathedral. Just where the trees are in this photo.

Back to the albergue for a nap, a delicious delicious nap in my delicious bunkbed. I didn’t even really sleep, I just laid there and tried to let my body put itself back together again.

Got up and bought a walking stick and a new water bottle. Then came here.

Gotta go, spending absurd amounts of money on this internet cafe. grrrrr.