Umm, I think my overriding memory of this day will be…”ooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!”

The morning was lovely. I left alone about 6:30-7am (so, late for most folks), and listened to Thoreau’s essay entitled Walking on my lovely iPod (thanks sooooo much T.Fors!!!) , as I made my way through foggy countryside. The fog was delicious. We never get it in Madrid, and I miss it all the time. At one point I stopped to take off my sweater and realized my hair was all covered with dew. Nice and cool.

The pain started about 3 hours in. The plantar fasciitis is going to be even more of a problem than I anticipated. I walked about 8 hours Yesterday. Blisters set in at the very end.

But on the upside I met a lot of nice people, from all over – Spain, Italians (tons of ’em!), Danes, French, even met a girl from Half Moon Bay! I have a feeling this is going to be a good opportunity for practicing my French and maybe picking up some Italian.

The second best part of the day was stopping at a river in Zubiri and just dunking my feet, freezing them. (which led to the blisters – didn’t dry them enough . d’oh!) The next best part was swimming in a river in Larasoaña – I felt like a warm beer bottle being set into a cooler. Sooooo happy. Me and a golden retreiver had a nice swim together. Here’s a pilfered photo of the bridge out of town:

Unhappily, there are just tons of people doing the Camino in August, which means if you show up late you don’t get a bed (another reason people get up stupidly early). They still find you a place to sleep-but yesterday the accomodations were the cement floor of a gymnasium. Even with the bed roll and ibuprofen, I didn’t sleep a wink. My body just wacks out  – all my joints hurt if I’m on my side, and my back hurts if I’m on my back. So since, I couldnt sleep anyways, I got up earlier – at 5ish, and started out to Pamplona.