OKOKOKOKOKOK – so, I’ve left folks in the dark about the Camino – I sort of dropped it out there then said nothing – but there’s a reason!

I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to go. In late June I developed plantar fasciitis. Google it if need be but in a nutshell – it’s a nasty foot pain in your heel that you can basically only take care of by ….not walking.

So I eventually decided, after taking care of the pain (though not to 100%) that I’d start the Camino, and I guess I was reluctant to blog. I didn’t want to start this whole “OOOOh! Look at my amazing adventure!” blog and then, 3 days into it, tell folks it’s over cuz my foot just isn’t working.

It was vanity, it was cowardice. I was looking into alternative trips for August. But in the end I decided to go for it.

So On saturday I left Madrid!

I am in Pamplona!!!! And everything hurts! i have so many blisters that my blisters have blisters. One of my little toes is actually more blister than toe I think at this point!!

This is Day 2. Of 29. This does not bode well.

This is going to be scattered, because this internet cafe is expensive but I’ll try to give some highlights/impressions. In the future I’ll try to write up my posts so all I have to do is come and type them up.

I’ll post the first three days. Observations and commentary to come later 🙂