(Cuz it’s Wednesday and I feel like people are just absurd…)

Goddamnit if I’m not sick of reading about people burdening other countries with their presence just because they’re too incompetent and lazy to fix their own nation.

Life’s bad in Nigeria? or Bangladesh? Why not do the right thing and stay there and fix it, instead of taking the lazy way out and running off to a country that’s rich and happy because of the hard work of it’s natural born citizens? People need to try to be the solution, not run away from the problem. They think they have a right to leach off the welfare of another country just because things aren’t rosy at home?

And here we go again….

Now these shmucks are whining cuz life’s not so good where they’re from. And what do they do? They’re leaving. They’re not fixing the problem, they’re not trying to build better schools or improve education, or tackle their rising violence problem among their hopelessly anti-social youth, or the socially destructive use of drugsfully supported by their twisted unhealthy culture, which they’re too ignorant to even recognize. No, they don’t have the cultural back bone for that, they run off to have it easier somewhere else, and burden the societies of those who worked hard to create their own happiness. And moreover, if a government wants to protect it’s own people first, and not dole out money to these free-loaders, who are these immigrants to whine and protest? They should be content to get to be there at all, let alone be pampered by someone else’s tax money.

In the face of all the evidence, there’s got to be something wrong with these people, right? I mean, as a people, as a culture. I say, let ’em rot on their little island!

(Lovingly dedicated to my dear friend Steve)