So one reader left a comment on my recent Obama v. MacCain post about a smear site dedicated to Obama at (h/t charleslawless- thanks!)

So I just went to check out the site. At first it’s pretty riduculous, janky and poorly written, with a video harping on the Reverend Writght thing, which everyone is soooo over, and the page’s author seems to disingenuously claim he “was actually considering voting for Obama” but changed his mind because of his abortion views. Sounds unlikely that someone with such rigid views on partial birth abortaion was, apart from that, politically fairly liberal, but whatevs.  

Anywhoo, then I clicked through to the “Obama on immigration” part, and it linked to a site called on

Which is when I thought that, like beauty, smearing can be in the eye of the beholder. Obviously this is a smear site, but they actually end up providing a lot more information about his stance on immigration than I found on his own site – quite an extensive collection of quotes from speeches, debates, his voting record. Actually, pretty useful. Which is funny when you think that they obviously what you to read that info and be shocked – just shocked!

So, click through to his immigration history here, and avoid having to give any more traffic to the site of the weirdo who, unintentionally, was so generous as to provide us with this information.