The Independent reports on a British government warning that “hostility to immigrants ‘is holding UK back.'” Cuz all the really smart highly qualified immigrants that the UK should want (cuz they need them) are getting more than a bit turned off by increasing British xenophobia. Again – duh.

[A think tank called the Work Foundation] warns in a report that recruitment problems are growing for specialised computer, science and healthcare firms and that a lack of skilled employees could deter multinational companies from moving to Britain.

The Home Office this year launched the first stage of a points-based immigration system to attract the most skilled incomers.

But Katerina Rüdiger, the report’s author, said the Government needed to be more proactive in promoting Britain to foreign workers and in tackling scepticism in the UK about the extent of migration.

She said: “The UK needs to be seen … as being among the most open and attractive places for highly skilled people to want to move.

“At present, despite the hype, numbers are relatively low – only 167,000 high- skilled workers came to this country on official figures from 2005. Politicians need to actively make the case for highly skilled migration.”

The report argues that the debate about highly skilled migrants is difficult to disentangle from the wider controversy about immigration. It acknowledges that politicians face a dilemma in opening the door to the most talented foreign migrants without seeming a “soft touch on controlling their borders”.

Well, you get what you deserve. If you go around screaming about immigrants all the time in a racist and xenophobic manner, don’t be surprised when the talented, educated ones don’t want to help out your languishing industries.