This unfortunate (and admirably patient) man was prohibited from boarding his flight because his T-Shirt was offensive. The cartoon robot on it was holding a gun! But of course!!

Says Brad Jayakody on his blog (via boingboing):

Go through security, get pulled to the side. I’m wearing a French Connection Transformers t-shirt. Bloke starts joking with me is that Megatron. Then he explains that since Megatron is holding a gun, I’m not allowed to fly. WTF? It’s a 40 foot tall cartoon robot with a gun as an arm. There is no way this shirt is offensive in any way, and what I’m going to use the shirt to pretend I have a gun?

Now here’s the stupid part. I was only taking carry on luggage, so my clothes were in my bag, so I said I’d get changed. So I stripped off at security and changed t-shirts, putting the “offensive” t-shirt in my bag. Now I haven’t been a dick so far, I’ve done what they’ve said. No point in arguing with the drones.

The supervisor comes over and is now a dick to me, telling me if I put the shirt on I’ll be arrested. I then told him that I wasn’t going to waste time arguing with him and he wasn’t worth the effort and didn’t have any power to change anything anyway. With hindsight I should have said, yeah arrest me, great publicity for you guys to arrest a bloke wearing a transformers t-shirt.

AAAAAARRRRGH!!! Idiots! Flunkies on a power trip! Morons given the authority to f*$k you over! (can you sense this is a sore point for me? and that I have an ax to grind with security dimwits?)

I must say I would never have had the patience this man did. I would have started (calmy at first, but I tend to lose it in situations like this) trying to work through with them the glaring logical inconsistencies in considering a cartoon T-Shirt to be offensive.  And what if it is offensive? (which is blatantly is not – who does a transformer offend?) What does offensive imagery have to do with being a security risk? I’d love to investigate this – to find what, in their training manuals, defines this as a detainable/ arrestable offense.

Incidentally, this reminded me of this line of T-Shirts – actually designed to be offensive….but only in BINARY! He he he – sneaky geeks. I might make the “I Am A Terrorist” model my default travel wear.

Although the “I eat flight attendants babies” model is tempting as well, just for the shear awfulness of the sentiment.