The U.K. looks set to destroy it’s own national dish – the curry.

New immigration restrictions are making it exceedingly difficult for restaurant owners to bring in bone fide curry chefs from the Indian subcontinent, and as the Guardian explains here, they’re struggling to fill the gap, often using Eastern Europeans, as the 3rd and 4th generation Brits in the Asian community are reluctant to go into restaurant work.

About the new policy:

The strategy, announced in 2005, was devised on the basis that the need for low-skilled labour could in future be met by migrants from the new EU countries. Warning of a lack of staff that threatens the £3.5bn industry, the curry trade’s leaders say eastern Europeans, with no background in the intricate art of balancing Asian spices and no grasp of Bengali, are not the answer. The Bangladesh Caterers Association (BCA) is lobbying for curry work to be officially deemed an occupation suffering from a special skills shortage, allowing new workers to come from Asia again.

Today’s young British Bangladeshis are not interested in the antisocial hours and relatively low wages of curry house work, campaigners say, and chefs can take 10 years to train.

Now, the Guardian article puts a warm fuzzy multicultural spin on it, but restaurant owners are not pleased that they have to make due with cooks from Eastern Europe who have little or no experience and who, in the long run, will probably not be interested in sticking with curry as their life’s work.

But they’re not getting angry, they’re getting organized!

From the Minority Report blog:

They are planning to hold a protest in Trafalgar Square this Sunday before handing a petition into Downing Street calling on the government to do more to allow non-EU chefs into the country on short term visas.

Save the Curry!!

(You think it’ll catch on like Save the Whales?)