the 7-seater jet from Cirrus

The reports of the death of air travel (if you listen to this article in the Independant) have, it seems, been greatly exaggerated.

Who needs a budget airline when you can have your own mini-plane right?

With a refreshing disregard for environmental apocalypse, the US aviation manufacturer Cirrus unveiled a seven-seater private jet that could fit quite happily into most garages in Chelsea. Meanwhile, somewhere above the Swiss Alps, 48-year-old Yves Rossy stepped out of a plane with only his three-metre carbon wings and four miniature jet turbines for company, and soared into history at 186mph.

Ummm, not so sure how I feel about the “refreshing disregard” part but, as for the idea that this will become common, I’m doubting it. And the connection of this to budget airlines seems ridiculous. As they say, the plane costs “£500,000 – that’s about five Lamborghinis.” The people considering this purchase are obviously not the ones who put up with the nastiness of budget air travel.