Italy? Can we talk a sec?

You know I think you’re really gorgeous. That weekend we had, in Naples (despite the garbage crisis) was magical. But I sensed a little something, well, off. I mean it was our first time together, but I thought I felt a connection. I know. That man, that Berlusconi, he’s still got some sort of hold over you. The elections were that Sunday, but to be honest, I was so swept up in the romance of it all, I didn’t pay much attention. But now I’m worried. I saw this in the news last week:

The Italian government on Wednesday (21 May) presented plans to tighten up its immigration policy, which include making staying in Italy without permission a criminal offence punishable by jail.

What’s going on? My friends are saying you’re talking crazy, saying things like “All Gypsies must go.” I mean, all gypsies? Some of them have been there for centuries, so, like, you didn’t mean that right? Right?

And what’s this that Spain is telling me? I heard María T.’s pretty pissed off. Ok, it’s harsh to call your new style “racist and xenophobic” but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. I mean, this guy is causing such problems for you, he’s ruining some of your close friendships! My therapist says that’s a sure sign of a destructive relationship. I mean, I thought you were cool, Italy, but then you go and say s&*t like “The right to not be afraid is a basic one, and a state should guarantee its citizens that“? Like all immigration and all immigrants are something to be afraid of. That looks like some pretty straight up fear-mongering to me dude.

Man, Italy, why d’you have to go and be such a dick? You’re just not who I thought you were.


The Guiri

Mi Querida España,

So, uh, I heard what you said the other day. I heard you tell Italy that you reject “violence, racism and the xenophobia, and therefore cannot agree with what is happening in Italy.” That’s so hot. Don’t ever change. Te quiero.


the Guiri