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From the Scotsman:

Jojo Jako Yakob, 19, fled his homeland two years ago after being arrested, shot and beaten before being tortured in a Syrian jail when he was caught distributing anti-government leaflets.

Once prison guards discovered that Yakob, a Christian member of the repressed Kurdish minority in the Arab state, was homosexual, he suffered horrific beatings and was assaulted so badly that he slipped into a coma. He fled to Scotland but his application seeking asylum was rejected and the Home Office has ordered his return to Syria, where homosexuality has been banned.

So, homosexuality is not explicitly recognized in, for example, the 1951 UN Conventions on Refugees. But neither was the unfortunate state of being a woman in a hostile country that condones your rape, torture and murder – but women have become successful asylum seekers by arguing that they fall under the part that defines a refugee as a “member of a particular social group.”

Btw, as the HuffPo tells us, he was shot twice while detained in Syria and escaped via a freezing lorry when he was 17. 17!!!!! Guh.

If this isn’t a clear case of asylum, I don’t know what is. I mean, he’s an ethcnic, and religious minority, and a gay man in a violently homophobic country. WTF!

And to add insult to injury, the goverment offered him the whoppingly generous sum of £46 to go home. They told him it was “to assist you in reintegrating into your home country. This could be used for example to set up a business, further your education or assist with housing” Riiiiiiiiight. I know the pound is strong right now, but that’s absurd.

I like Shakesville’s cheeky headline in reaction to the offer: Here’s £46, Go Away Gay Boy!