Alright everyone, better jump on this one before it gets old! For all you expats short of cash, it’s time to start selling yourselves as international snail-mail stalkers!

So humorist/blogger, Brian Sack of the Banterist, auctioned off his services on eBay recently, explain his willingness to “send maddening postcards from Poland to the person of your choosing.” Sack’s offer to the highest bidder was to completely confound their intended victim by sending a series of postcards (most oddly American and outdated) from Poland while he was on vacation. The notes on the cards would be raving mad, yet filled with personal details about the poor mark, and signed with an infuriatingly illegible signature. After tens of thousands of offers the winning bid was $415, and Sack thought that was so generous he sent five postcards, not just three. Here’s one:

prank postcard from Poland

Well, it’s more fun than writing for travel blogs! And certainly pays better than most! (until competition brings the price down, d’oh.)

(via BoingBoing)