Zapatero with the women cabinet members.

Spent all day today digging up facts at CNN for a story about Zapatero’s cabinet – which now contains 9 – count ’em NINE magnificent mujeres! As The Independent points out:

For the first time in history, unless you believe the ancient Greek myth of the Amazons, a European country has a government in which more women than men hold positions of power.

Now, one must be cautious, because, although this is of great symbolic significance, women are still not on a equal footing with men here – in terms of wages for instance. And domestic violence is huge concern here – there seems to be reports of women found murdered by their husbands/boyfriends all the time.

But that said…..this is RAD!

I particularly enjoy the fact that the Minister of Defense (Defense!!) is 7 months pregnant! Check her out inspecting the troops with a big baby belly!

Chacon inspecting the troops

And of course, the not-so-enlightened elements in world government are making asses of themselves!

Silvio Burlusconi:

Zapatero has formed a government that is too pink, something that we cannot do in Italy because there is a prevalence of men in politics and it isn’t easy to find women who are qualified … He will have problems leading them. Now he’s asked for it.

As the Guardian points out, Italy has fewer women in government then Afghanistan. Nuf said.

(Just browse the Google results to see how people are reacting to this the appointment and Burlusconi’s idiocy.)

And another top conservative in Spain apparently referred to the female ministers as a

“battalion of inexperienced seamstresses”, as if the deputy prime minister María Teresa Fernández de la Vega (who has a doctorate in law, and a political career stretching back to the 1970s), and Magdalena Álvarez (a doctorate in economics, and a political career that dates from the 1980s) had just wandered in off the street.

Sigh… there’s a long way to go yet, as the Hillary Clinton campaign and the incessant misogyny it has brought to light has shown us.