So, as I mentioned in the previous post, I’m a big fan of the Wired blog, Threat Level.

threat level

And I ran across this nice comment on the Nipple Ring Incident involving TSA in Texas, and I just wanted to share, cuz the author ties it into much bigger issues, and vents nicely about common frustrations and perceptions of Homeland Security abuses:

Officials in Homeland Security often seemed stunned and personally offended by criticism of their efforts, and they just don’t get why much of the American populace thinks of the whole enterprise as invasive, misguided, alarmist and a waste of taxpayer money.

TSA may support the “thoroughness of the Officers involved” but the rest of the country thinks they are a bunch of power hungry goons with no sense of decency or common sense. That’s even as airport security has gotten faster and a little less arbitrary over the last few years.

I am continually amazed that officials at Homeland Security think they have any capital left to spend on defending this kind of stupidity.

Two suggestions:

1) apologize publicly to Hamlin today, saying the officers were not following common sense procedures and

2) stop referring to the United States as the Homeland.

Every time you say that word in reference to the United States, you sound like a buffoonish bureaucrat from the Soviet Union. Your underlings won’t tell you so, but that’s what THREAT LEVEL is here for.

No, really you do. Stop it. And apologize to Hamlin already.


And from the above-linked rant against the “Homeland”:

People who write and think of their country as the Homeland with a capital H tend to think that they can redefine torture, ignore international treaties, fund disinformation efforts to keep morale high, launch wars based on hunches and emphasize the power of the executive branch because they consider themselves the good guys who are the only ones who know what’s right for the country. They only want to protect the Homeland, don’t you see? The vocabulary is symptomatic of a rigid, nationalistic world view.

Exaaaaactly. Thanks dude.