Interesting bit on slow travel, the growing movement to cut out air-travel as something excessively damaging to the environment. I’d love to cut out air travel, personally I think it was the death of that whole “getting there is half the fun” idea – airplanes suck. And if they pollute, all the more reason to find a better, and funner (yes, I said funner) way to go. The article follows the slow travel mision of one man, Ed Gillespie (below).


Conceding that he has taken more than his fair share of international flights over the years while working in Jamaica, Australia and the South Pacific, Gillespie gave up flying on holiday five years ago. But like so many whose experiences have led them towards a greater appreciation of the fragility of the world they are helping threaten, he still harboured the dream to travel. It was time to come up with a way of squaring convictions with aspirations. The solution he hit on was to go ahead with the trip while minimising the carbon footprint it created.

Gillespie and his girlfriend spent 381 days circumnavigating the globe, green-style, adn accumulated a carbon footprint of just 1.5 tons of CO2 “a tenth of what it would have been had they flown.” Yoinks! Their travel blog is here.
I’ve been reading about slow travel for a while. It’s hard to swallow for people who don’t have 400 days to make their trip to a faraway destination, but I like the idea behind it and I appreciate the philosophy that we should cultivate green solutions as an enhancement of travel not as a diminishment. Put the “fun” back in getting there. Speaking about his green business ventures, Gillespie says:

Our raison d’être is making sustainable development so desirable that it becomes normal – to offer a vision of a green lifestyle that is much more aspirational, rather than all doom and gloom. We try to offer some more positive alternatives.