Right, so this is part of that “I’m really behind” part. But last weekend I went with a couple friends to see a performance art thingamajig by a group of actors dressed up as member of a political party in which everyone was, in fact, a pig. My write-up about it is up on, here’s a bit:

The elections are coming up, we’re all feeling the tension between the PSOE and the PP…and ….oh wait…you’re not? You think they’re all the same bag of crap and can’t understand what everyone gets so riled about? You’re yearning for a different kind of political party? Well then, you should have been out with your intrepid MAP correspondents on Saturday as we attended the final event in the 3-day campaign of the C.R.D.I.: a different kind of party run by a different breed of politicians. And by politicians, we, of course, mean pigs.

Yes, pigs. Saturday’s event (at El Perro de la Parte de Atrás del Coche – the city’s most awkwardly named venue) was a culmination of three days of public performances by a group of porcine, faux-politicians, performers with a penchant for social issues. These artists took politicos to task both for their piggish ways and for their very human disregard for the rest of the planet.

Upon entering El Perro de la Parte de Atrás del Coche (hereafter to be referred to as El Perro), your devoted MAP correspondents were greeted by cheerful, exuberant female campaign workers. These election workers were similar in almost every way to the skirt-suited professional yuppie-ish women who run campaigns the world over. The only difference being that these young women, along with their campaign sashes and buttons also sported snouts, pink ears, and pink curly tails while they snorted their enthusiasm at you.

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