I’ve wanted to post these for a while but was having dificulties with the PBS website. Anywho, here we go:

Think Progress had a post criticizing this segment on CBS news about one of the lucky Iraqi translators, Abdul, pictured below on the right, who got one of the very few (only 500 last year) visas to come live in the states.


I know people say news should be positive, but in this case what a journalist has to ignore to be positive about the Iraqi refugee crisis (2 million displaced) is astounding. I don’t care if you’re talking about the happiest most sunshiny aspect of the refugee crisis, you have to at least mention it’s a crisis, the largest current refugee crisis on the planet. What a wasted chance for the U.S. to do good. The country showing the most admirable generosity in this situation (of our making) is not the “land of opportunity”, it’s Syria.

Now we’ll turn to public television (surprise!) and one of the people I grew up watching, Bill Moyers, who interviews , a photographer, Lori Grinker, who documented the lives of Iraqi refugees. Her work is vivid and holds no punches. As a perfect counterpoint to the story above, she profiles Furman, another, more typical Iraqi translator who didn’t get a visa, is currently living in Amman Jordan, and can never return home as far as he knows, as his life is in danger for having collaborated with the Americans.


There is a lot of Iraqi translators that work with me in that time, they get killed. They get killed, they ask, they ask to help, they ask to help. No one helped them. If they catch me, I swear of the God, I am not safe, even here.

How sad that journalism at CBS couldn’t produce something as thorough as a counterpoint with a story like this one. Let them keep their “feel good” segment, but put it in some context please!