Ok, I don’t want someone to think I’m obsessed with America-bashing but I ran across this literally 30 seconds after finishing that last post so I thought I must include it to continue on the recently much-discussed theme of American stupidity. An education advocacy group, Common Core surveyed some high-schoolers:

The test posed a series of questions whose answers even the slowest-witted high-schoolers might reasonably be expected to know. But only one question (Who gave the “I Have A Dream” speech in 1963?, Page 3), yielded the correct response on a near-unanimous basis (97 percent). Only 61 percent knew what the Renaissance was (Page 2), and only half knew why the Federalist papers were written (Page 3). Fewer than half knew when the Civil War was fought (see below). And this test was multiple-choice!

But it gets better because there’s a reason…a reason almost any educator worth his or her salt recognized years ago (yup I’m a teacher’s daughter and you can bet there were rants about this in my house):

Common Core puts some of the blame on six years of George W. Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” law, which forced schools to concentrate lessons on standardized-test measures for math and reading at the expense of education in the humanities.

Really, how could anyone expect George W. Bush to come up with anything less than a spectacular failure in education policy? In answer to his question “is our children learning” I guess the answer would have to be, No.