Had a crazy week, really behind, a million cool things to post though!
First up, a funny little item about this guy, Mark Boyle, who wanted to do a pilgrimage from England to Gandhi’s birthplace without a penny to his name, relying solely on the goodwill of strangers, to whom he would offer his labor in exchange for food, transport, whatever. Dude didn’t think it through too well obviously though….

Boyle got as far as Calais before he realised that, unable to speak French to explain his mission and unable, frankly, to get much vegan food in this part of northern Europe, he faced starvation. He was forced to turn round, recross the Channel and yesterday was to be found in genteel Eastbourne, East Sussex, explaining why a two-and-half-year pilgrimage had turned into a month-long jaunt to France and back.

Having grown up in a super hippie area, I can appreciate the kind of sentiment motivating this guy, Berkeley is infused with it, but it needs to be tempered with a little bit of practicality now and again.