I’ve got a bunch of links that have been piling up from Spanish news recently, gonna try to get through a whole bunch of them today:

First up, the government plan to help prostitutes get off the streets will only help those with legal working papers – too bad for all those women trafficked in from Eastern Europe and Africa. The article explains some of the success of the program which includes subsidies and professional training classes, but then continues:

Nevertheless, now there’s one exception [to the program’s successes]: only prostitutes with working papers and legal residence can have access to the training courses. “We are working within a limited field of action and we can’t go beyond it” admits Blasco, aware that there are many foreigners prostituting themselves from a lack of other legal options. The Romanian mafia runs the sector: 45% of prostitutes that have asked for help are of that nationality, 21% Spanish, and 18% Latin American. Their demands are for basic needs (from food to clothing) and processing of health cards and documentation.

I find this quite sad: these women are asking for help, whereas many of the women who qualify aren’t taking advantage – the director of the program himself says he can’t deliver a “trimphalist” verdict on the results.